Mujgan Baskoylu


Mujgan Baskoylu was born in Turkey in 1963. She received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Istanbul University and worked professionally in this field for thirteen years before she decided to change her career to pursue art. She studied illumination in a traditional Islamic arts school for three years and became a certified teacher in the fields of miniature, illumination and paper-cutting. Mujgan Baskoylu worked with Gulbin Messara, a master of illumination, for nine years. In 2002, she started to teach at the Art Studio of S. Unver in Istanbul University. In 2004, she partnered with Durdane Unver, a master of paper-cutting, at the Turkish Traditional Art Center established by the President of the Turkish Parliament. Together, they started to teach paper-cutting at the Turkish Arts Foundation in 2006. Mujgan Baskoylu participated in various exhibitions nationwide. Her first individual exhibition took place in Istanbul Beylerbeyi Palace in 2007. She moved to New York with her family in 2010 and has been conducting classes in Turkish illumination techniques as a master artist of paper cutting since 2011.

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