Elif Ceceli


For someone who chose accounting as a profession, holding a delicate brush for a job that demands utmost precision for beauty is like being in a wonderland. Elif loved colors but was not skilled in drawing; that is why she always thought that becoming an illuminator was a dream that would never come true for her, until she met her teacher Mujgan Baskoylu.

Her teacher said that her worries about not being skilled would disappear by working hard and being patient. PATIENCE was the magic word for Elif who always had a hard time exercising it. She took this as a sign. “What a wonderful, nice and aesthetic way of learning patience”, she thought, and started this beautiful journey at the end of the year 2011. She may be still impatient and lacking the necessary skills for art, but she has the will and the determination to produce until her teacher stops accepting her as student. 

Inquiries for purchasing artwork can be made directly to elifceceli@gmail.com.