Ebubekir Altiok


Ebubekir Altiok was born in 1982 in Karabuk, Turkey. He graduated from Duzce Imam Hatip Lisesi in 1999 and Duzce University School of Management in 2005. He is currently pursuing his graduate studies in the Traditional Turkish Arts department of Fatih Sultan Mehmet University and is a faculty member in the Traditional Arts and Crafts Department of Duzce University.
Ebubekir studied the art of calligraphy with Turan Sevgili and was granted a licence to teach the Sulus-Nesih styles in 2013 with a IRCICA ceremony. He exhibited extensively both in and outside of Turkey and was a speaker on Islamic calligraphy in many conferences. His works are showcased in many private collections.
In 2011, the artist’s work was awarded second place in a contest of the Ataturk Culture, Language and History Institute. He continues to create both classical and modern works of art in his atelier.